Frequently Asked Questions

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Personal Training Services

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Q. What facilities do you have?


Progresiv has a centrally located studio in Bowen Hills, Brisbane


Q. How do I get to Progresiv’s gym studio?


Train - 500m walk from Bowen Hills station which every train line in South East Queensland travel through

Bus - multiple bus routes within 3-400m walk

*Happy to meet clients using public transport

Q. Does Progresiv gym studio  have parking?


Yes, many parks are located onsite, with very good access to the studio


Q. How is access to Progresiv’s studio for people using wheelchairs or other mobility aids?


The studio is located on ground level without stairs which allows uninhibited access from car park

Q. What fitness training services does Progresiv offer remotely?


-At home or in a community setting Personal training is available by arrangement 

-Small group training (up to 6 people) is available in community setting by arrangement


Q. What disability groupings does Progresiv have experience training?

15 plus years experience training people with vision impairment, brain injury, cognitive impairment, spinal cord injury, and other physical conditions 

Sport & Recreation Mentoring Services (Community Access)

The following questions pertain to our mentoring and skill development support to people interested in getting involved in a sport or recreational activity.


Q. How would Progresiv help me to get involved in a sport or recreational activity?


We support you to find and navigate activities you are passionate about. Our support is totally flexible to what your needs are. It can range from advice to direct support at the activity of your choice.

Q. How does Progresiv help me break down barriers and simplify participating in sport and recreation?

Progresiv uses 20+ years of sport and recreation knowledge and experience in disability, as well as existing connections to support participation in the activity you're passionate about at the pace that's right for you.